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Since its inception inthe Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Program has brought our legal system to life for thousands of students. Using facts and case materials developed by Wisconsin attorneys, students gain a deeper understanding of the court system as they develop their arguments and build their cases.

What caused the death? Bullying by a pool employee? Poor safety practices? A freak accident? Only a trial will tell us…. The Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Tournament is a popular rewarding and memorable competition where most students compete in actual courtrooms across the state against other high school teams. Each year, teams of students work with their teacher and attorney coaches on a hypothetical case and participate at regional competitions for a chance to advance to the state and national competitions.

Panels of judges and attorneys evaluate the teams on their demonstrated knowledge of legal rules and presentation skills rather than on the merits of the case.

Case Materials / Forms

Each team will consist of three attorneys and three witnesses, and may include up to six alternates total of 8 to 12 students. Students must be actively enrolled in grades at the time of the competition. Students who graduate in December or January prior to the competition are ineligible for participation.

Each team needs one teacher coach and one attorney coach. Assistance in locating attorney coaches will be provided if requested, but the ultimate responsibility for locating attorney coaches lies with each team. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Purchase orders are not considered payment!

All entries must be postmarked no later than November 11th. No entries will be accepted after November 11th. No exceptions. BoxMadison, WI Make checks payable to the State Bar of Wisconsin. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

Please enable scripts and reload this page. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Search the Site. Sign In. Advertise With Us. Page Content. Download 9.The New Hampshire Bar Association provides mock trial cases for all levels. See guides, resource materials and information for mock trials. Not to be used for Competition purposes. State v.

Sam Cunningham Sam Cunningham is charged with the murder of his former best friend and business partner, after their shrimping vessel sinks during a storm.

Tennessee High School Mock Trial

The People of the State of New York v. Mickey Jackson Mickey Jackson has been charged with unauthorized use of a computer, computer trespass and computer tampering.

mock trial case 2020

Pat Dunn v. Chris LePuck Dunn v. LePuck involves a dispute between two hockey players over a hockey match that spiraled out of control. The case raises issues of negligence, comparative fault, and assorted evidentiary issues.

Taylor Mock Trial Case Materials The prosecution of a high school security officer who shot, allegedly in self defense, a suspected gang member after a football game. Pat Smith v. Old Man Of The Mountain School System A high school senior, after a dress-code violation, is prohibited from participating in a soccer match.

The student has brought a suit in state court in New Hampshire seeking an injunction. Jamie B. Foote, a minor, by Pat Foote, the next best friend, et. Moses, et. Moses… case concerns the constitutionality of a school policy against dancing on school premises.

State of Arizona v. Terry C.

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Jackson In the case, a high school student who left campus for lunch is charged with negligent homicide after one of the passengers in his car is killed in an accident. Alex Strusa v. Bok A First Amendment case founded in charges of criminal trespass and riot. State of New Hampshire v. Don Dawn Loder This case involves several teens who hack into computer systems. The result: chaos at the zoo. Who is responsible? Kevin Dunn v. Linda L. Locks who faces charges of trespassing on the property of the Bear Family.

The videotape and curriculum guide illustrate the manner in which a standard fairy tale can be adapted to help children learn about the legal process. Additional lessons include Giant v.Volunteer attorneys coach high school mock trial teams as they prepare to take a case from start to finish. The program culminates in mock trial competitions between schools and a State Championship at the Hawaii Supreme Court. Oahu - Round 1. Round 1 Results. Oahu - Round 2. Round 2 Results.

Oahu - Round 3. Round 3 Results. Oahu - Round 4. Round 4 Results. Oahu - Round 5. Round 5 Results. Oahu - Tiebreaker Round. Tiebreaker Results. Kauai Island - Round 1.

mock trial case 2020

Kauai Island - Round 2. Kauai Island - Tiebreaker Round as needed. State Semi-finals 8a — p. Saturday, March 7, Semi-Finals Results. State Finals 8a — p. Finals Results.

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Print page Email page. Skip breadcrumb navigation. Oahu - Tiebreaker Round as needed.Join us! Stay up-to-date on our latest announcements, resources, and opportunities by subscribing to our newsletter! Help prepare tomorrow's citizens by making a tax-deductible donation. Your gift helps OCLRE create teacher resources, educational programs, and opportunities for students! Members receive discounts, exclusive resources, and training opportunities.

Previous Next. At this time, given the current and ever-changing situation, OCLRE is shifting focus to providing resources and support to help our teachers and students. Watch your students grow both academically and personally, right before your eyes! Students learn first-hand about the law, court procedures and the judicial system while also building critical 21st Century skills. For questions, contact Danielle Wilmot at dwilmot oclre. Varga, et al. A former Trillium High School student is suing the school and the principal, Blake Varga, for violating their First Amendment right to free speech.

Rory Maldonado was a senior at Trillium in when they organized a demonstration centered around the individual right to gun ownership. Rory worked with another student to plan the demonstration which originally included a march from the high school to nearby PawPaw Park. In an effort to remove the school from the demonstration plans, Rory canceled the march from the school and instead instructed everyone to meet directly at PawPaw Park.

Rory went through with the demonstration and was subsequently suspended from all Senior Week activities and banned from walking at graduation. This case is the civil trial in which Rory Maldonado is suing the school and Principal Varga for a deprivation of rights. We recognize this is a sensitive topic for many but presents an opportunity for important conversations.

OCLRE has curated a list of resources t o assist you in beginning these conversations with your students. Orders will be processed on Mondays and Wednesdays. All orders received after pm will be processed the following day. Case files can be ordered in either hard copy or digital versions. Digital case files are sent via e-mail as a PDF. Hard copy teacher manuals are loosely bound hole-punched paper and include a copy of the ABA Guide to Mock trials.

Additional hard copies for students can be ordered after a first copy has been purchased or received at the Conference. Smith contends that his original attorney mishandled cell phone evidence in his case and failed to pursue a potential alibi witness.Many of you have reached out to inquire about the status of the State High School Mock Trial Tournament in light of the ever-evolving COVID advisories and uncertainty surrounding this new virus.

Because we know how hard our Mock Trial teams have worked to prepare for this tournament and because our State Competition is planned several years in advance, we have looked at every possible way to try and provide a meaningful competition for our Mock Trial teams in light of current events.

Unfortunately, after much deliberation and consultation with the most current health advisories, it is with great regret that we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the State High School Mock Trial Tournament that was scheduled to take place on March This decision is not one that we made lightly. After monitoring recent developments related to COVID from local, state and federal agencies, we have concluded that the safety of our teams, coaches, and volunteers require us to cancel the Tennessee competition.

Our decision follows the declaration of a state of emergency by Gov.

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The entire Mock Trial Committee hopes that our teams, coaches and volunteers know how much we truly do appreciate all of the time and work that you have done and were willing to do to make our Tennessee High School Mock Trial Tournament a continued success. Donate Donations of any amount can always be made to the Mock Trial program.

Funds donated to the Mock Trial Fund account will be used to subsidize the cost of attending the state mock trial competition for lower-income or rural schools.

You can donate on the online payment portal or make your checks payable to Tennessee Bar Association and note "Mock Trial Fund" in the memo line.

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Volunteer Sitting judges, attorneys, law students, paralegals and bailiffs are needed to volunteer for the competition.

Grant Opportunities for Teams The Young Lawyers Division has secured grant funding for mileage reimbursement and professional clothing for participating teams. For grant details, please review the applications. Map of Competition Districts The state is divided into 14 districts. Download a list of districts or a map of the districts.

Structure of Competition Rounds Learn more about the structure of trial rounds here. Visit the organization's website to see past winners, a sample case database and a list of state mock trial coordinators; connect with the group on Facebook ; or follow it on Twitter.

Hawaii High School Mock Trial Program

The following organizations provide resources for mock trial preparation and competition. Commercial products and alternative competitions are not endorsed by the Tennessee Bar Association and are included only to make participants aware of their availability without any recommendation as to the value of the service or the necessity or advisability of using them to prepare for the Tennessee State High School Mock Trial Competition.

mock trial case 2020

Connect with the group on Facebook ; follow news on Twitter ; or check out photos from past competitions on Instagram. Visit the group's website or connect on Facebook. Three years ago we began holding the Mock Trial Academy for high school students. It is a one week residential program on our campus in Memphis. Students will get the opportunity to learn valuable trial skills and legal theory. More information about the Academy and the application can be found on our site. We would love to have you share this opportunity with Tennessee high school mockers.

Zachary R. Mock Trial Program History. Tennessee High School Mock Trial. Mock Trial Resources The following organizations provide resources for mock trial preparation and competition.Thousands of students participate each year. Rosa et al. Samaria, F. Monaco, F. Aleskerova, F.

mock trial case 2020

Strauss, F. Please make sure that your case materials are up to date at all times! All questions or comments about the case should be submitted in writing no phone calls please to:.

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County Coordinators are responsible for fielding teams from the schools in their county, distributing materials to their teams, providing attorney mentors to teams in need, arranging the local tournament schedule, securing tournament space and judges, resolving any conflicts, and collecting all relevant CLE information. Nearly all the County Coordinators do even more, such as providing food and drink for teams, helping to arrange for transportation if needed, assisting students in attending the Mock Trial Summer Institute, and holding awards ceremonies for teams at the end of the season.

The procedure is as follows:. A valid email address must be included on the form. The teacher approached Carson and tried to lead Carson away by the arm; a verbal exchange ensued.

Carson was arrested, taken to the local police precinct and charged with Disorderly Conduct. The school-to-prison pipeline policy primarily targets at-risk students charged with public order offenses, such as disorderly conduct, harassment, violation of school conduct codes or school-yard fighting, by preferring prosecution over in-school disciplinary measures.

The Bigtown Civil Liberties Society alleges that the school cut funding to aid at-risk students, like Carson, and used the money to reimburse the city for the services of the two police officers. Robin was eventually arrested and charged with the robbery and attempted murder of the store clerk.

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After a trial by jury, Robin was found guilty and sent to State prison. Robin was exonerated and released from prison. Robin subsequently filed a lawsuit for malicious prosecution against the County and its agents, stating that Detective Smith, who had originally handled the investigation, did not pursue any other suspects and focused solely on Robin as the perpetrator of the crime.Each year, high school mock trial teams throughout the State compete at the regional and statewide level, with the top team advancing to the National High School Mock Trial Championship.

Chuck Deaner was an ardent supporter of law related education and Nevada high school mock trial. Through his living trust, continued support of the mock trial program is possible. The state championship round is named in his honor. State of Nevada vs. Lee Morgan Nash. Team Coaches: It is your responsibility to ensure team members, coaches and team observers are aware of the Code of Ethical Conduct ; the teacher coach or head coach should sign this form on behalf of the team. Photo release forms are required of each student participant parental consent is needed for all students age 18 or less.

These forms may be turned in upon check-in at the regional competition. Rosters: Please note there are two separate rosters; one for the defense and one for the prosecution. These fillable PDF forms include a place to indicate the team code, which will drawn upon check-in. For each round of competition, you will provide copies of your completed roster to the: presiding judge; scoring judges; and opposing counsel.

A minimum of five copies per round are needed please have extra copies should there be more than three scoring judges during a round. Results will be posted following the regional and state competitions here! Southern Nevada Regional Competition Results.

2013 National Trial Competition championship round (law school mock trial)

Northern Nevada Regional Competition Results. State Competition Results. Team List modified January Commonly Used Evidentiary Objections Guidelines for Students Code of Ethical Conduct 2. Criteria for Scoring a Trial Round.

Mock Trial Competition Rules 6. Objections — Mock Website Mock Trial Questions and Answers.